Caroline Powell, says: If you are anything like me and shy away from technology then this camera is the one for you. It can be as simple or as technical as you like it to be. A very handy teaching aid as you can record and play back whilst your rider is still on board making it easy for instant changes during your lesson. Great fun for videoing your jumping rounds, enabling you to bore your friends and family to death watching it over and over again!

But also very educational as you are able to see where improvements can be made. I have shown a few non-horsey people the footage of going up the gallops and they are surprised at the speed that horses travel at!!
Along with the mandatory amount of hi-vis you need to wear in order to venture on to the roads nowadays, this neat little item will not make it safer to ride on the roads, but will ensure that if an incident does happen there is some video evidence. Handy sometimes just to make sure the correct details are available in case of an accident. Can also be used for evidence if an incident occurs whist hacking.

Comes with a hat band which has anti-slip elastic meaning there is very little chance of it moving or coming off. The two buttons which are needed while using the camera on a horse can be operated with your gloves on, and once you want to start video, the record button speaks to you telling you that you are videoing and that’s it, you are ready to go. Also has a built in camera. There is no need to worry if the great British weather takes over as the camera is waterproof and can take quite a drenching, plus battery lasts long enough even for the most serious hack!
It is worth fiddling around for a bit to get the correct position on your hat as we got a few nice sky videos the first few times, but once you find the correct spot it is very easy to make sure it doesn't move
From a numpty non techno person the process was very simple. Mount camera on hat, work out on/off and record button, get a few sky videos, readjust, get a ears and neck video, readjust, position play and ride off... get home, download and watch with a cup of coffee! job done!!! Top tip.... be careful what you say as the build in microphone is quite sensitive ????
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