POLITE Hat Band - BLUE Chequer Tape

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This really is a good idea to wear all year round. 

It has elastic in two parts which means it fits most hat sizes. On the inside is a sticky rubber that grips onto the hat, to make sure it does not ping off if your head knocks a branch.

It does not damage velvet hats.

The fluorescent EN1150 tape is 100% reflective and fluorescent. Wipe clean with a warm soapy cloth.

One Size fits most sizes and styles of riding hat. All reflective tape is 2” wide. 

Customer Reviews

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Emma David
Love it

Bloody love it

Clare Smith


Morgan Nicholson
Use your head

I love my Polite Hatband as it adds an extra layer of hi-viz safety to my riding outfit. It is well made, well priced and a top quality item, as you would expect from Equisafety. It completes my hi-viz riding attire, as I always wear it with my Polite Aspey Jacket and my Polite Waterproof Wraparound Rug. I am rather addicted to to Equisafety and Polite - but I wouldn't venture out on my horse without it

Customer Reviews

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