Charlotte Dujardin Ear Bonnet for Riding- Orange

Size: Horse
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Horse and Pony reflective high viz ears. Mesh stops flies from biting and annoying the horse.

  • Easy to fit and great for visibility.
  • Size - Pony or Horse.
  • Easy to wash.

For all year round use. Mesh fabric 130g 

How does mesh fabric keep you and your horse cooler in warmer weather?

Colour is reflected light which means the absorbed light heats an object up. This is why dark coloured materials will heat up faster in sunlight than brighter materials; they absorb more light, and heat up more.

The mesh fabric is perfect for reflecting sun light and keeping you and your horse cooler in the summer.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sabrina Stell

I love ear bonnets because they’re so visible on the roads. I didn’t realise how great the material was though until I opened the packet.
As an endurance rider my horse gets so hot training but we have to stay visible on and off road. The material is really breathable. We did our hardest training session so far this season wearing the bonnet and he didn’t sweat under it. Usually he’d be dripping but he was perfectly dry.
I’m really happy because I now don’t have to worry about him being uncomfortable or getting rubbed.

Lorraine Saunders

My lovely orange ear bonnet came amd I was very happy . Sadly though, I only used it once and the velcro broke

judith M

All 3 fit perfectly (2 ex racehorses and a heavy gypsy cob)
Comments from passers-by that they are 'being blinded by the hi viz ' and cars slowing down to laugh ( but they ARE slowing down) and we're on a very busy road

That's amazing Judith working just how we want it to. Glad its keeping you safe on busy roads.

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