Danish Design Ultimate 2-In-1 Dog Coat Blue

Size: 25cm
Color: Blue
Sale price$16.00


Danish Design Ultimate 2-In-1 Dog Coat Blue

Unique to Danish Design, the 2-in-1 dog coat is the first convertible for dogs! With its removable polar fleece liner, this coat is superb for both the winter and warmer months. For winter warmth, attach the liner to the coat with the easy-fit velcro strips. When it's warmer, remove the fleece and the coat converts to a light raincoat. The 2-in-1 coat also features full chest protection, light reflective beading and light reflective fastening strap for extra safety at night. Rear leg straps are also built in to help prevent side slippage. The outer coat is made from a waterproof, windproof and breathable fabric to protect from the elements and ensures that your dog is comfortable whatever the weather.

As all dogs are different shapes and sizes we recommend that you measure your dog to make sure the coat fits well. Measure from the collar to base of the tail and this should be an accurate guide for the size you need.

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