Equisafety Multi Coloured Horse Summer Sheet - P/Y

Rug Size: Cob - 6.3ft - 6.6ft
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7 stunning colours from which to choose

The Multi Coloured Mesh Quarter Sheet is a technical, lightweight, highly breathable Mesh rug, with an ex-large tail flap, designed to keep the horse cool in Summer and to deter flies from biting. It comes complete with one Filet String to secure the rug at the rear and one Leg Strap style Strap, to fit under the tummy, utilising the two forward D Rings.  Two Velcro Straps at the front of the Quarter Sheet, ensure a secure fit to the saddle area. 

For Summer and Winter use.

How does an Equisafety Multi Coloured Mesh Rug keep your horse cooler?

Colour is reflected light which means the absorbed light heats an object up. This is why dark coloured materials will heat up faster in sunlight than brighter materials; they absorb more light, and heat up more.

The Equisafety Multi Coloured Mesh fabric is perfect for reflecting sunlight and keeping you and your horse cooler in the Summer.

This rug can also be used for Winter use, if you have a horse that gets hot or is unclipped, making it an extremely versatile addition to your Equestrian Hi Vis wardrobe.

Composition - Mesh Fabric - 130g .

How to fit.

Fit the rug onto your horse then attach it to the girth straps or your leg straps, depending on what type of saddle you have.

Attach the Filet String to the back of the rug, utilising the two rear D Rings and the Leg Strap Style Strap, position under the tummy, utilising the two forward D Rings. 

Care Instructions.

Fully machine washable on a 30 degree wash.

Fully close all Velcro straps prior to washing.

Protect from washing with any sharp objects, e.g buckles etc. 


  • XSmall Pony/Show Pony – 5.6ft-5.9ft
  • Pony - 5.9ft - 6ft
  • Cob -  6.3ft - 6.6ft 
  • Horse - 6.6ft - 6.9ft 
  • XFull - 7ft plus 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lyn Richards

I love all the products I have purchased from you. I get a lot of comments from people saying how bright & visible we are.

Dee Anthony
Hi Viz multi coloured summer mesh rug

It is a Christmas present for my pony Black fell pony, and today 21/12/21 we tried it on him I have done it so we can wear with or without a saddle (so if we are riding or in hand, which we do often) I would recommend this item, I might even get the cob size then I can use that for a more comfortable fit especially without a saddle on, very good quality n light weight, especially as I have arthritis every where, so glad it’s light,
My only problem I have is the plastic clips are hard for me to open up,as I struggle with my hands n fingers n grip,
The plastic clips don’t seem to look as though they will take much straining before they snap,
But all in all I like the product n would recommend it, this is a photo of it on my pony,

Sorry it wouldn’t let me add a photo to show you

Gaye Douglas
Great Product

This HI Viz is lightweight & cool, well made & fits perfectly..plenty of adjustment on the velcro fasteners. So bright & colourful, makes riding on the roads safer due to the hi visibility. Very pleased with it.

Love it

This is a great item. So bright also helps keep the flies off. This is very light so the horses do not sweat under it , my boy loves it because he has less flies and I love it because we are so easily seen

Best summer sheet!

Great sheet for riding in the summer when it is too warm for the waterproof reflectives. Offers great visibility due to the multi colours.
I like how you can secure the rug under the horses belly, great for the windy days.

Customer Reviews

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