Hi Viz Reflective Horse Summer Sheet– Orange

Rug Size: Pony - 5.9ft - 6ft
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This is a technical, lightweight, highly breathable mesh rug, designed to keep the horse cool in Summer, with an ex-large tail to stop flies from biting. It has 2 fillet strings that can be used traditionally or crossed under the belly.

For Summer and Winter use.

How does an Equisafety Mesh Rug keep your horse cooler?

Colour is reflected light which means the absorbed light heats an object up. This is why dark coloured materials will heat up faster in sunlight than brighter materials; they absorb more light, and heat up more.

The Equisafety mesh fabric is perfect for reflecting sun light and keeping you and your horse cooler in the Summer.

This rug can also be used for Winter use, if you have a horse that get hot or not clipped.  Mesh fabric 130g 

How to fit.

You fit the rug onto your horse then attach it to the girth straps or your leg straps, depending on what saddle you have.

It has 2 fillet strings that can be used traditionally or crossed under the belly.

Fully washable on a 30 degree wash with Non-Bio Detergent.  Hang to dry.


  • XSmall Pony – 5.6ft-5.9ft - SOLD OUT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.
  • Pony - 5.9ft - 6ft
  • Cob -  6.3ft - 6.6ft
  • Horse - 6.6ft - 6.9ft
  • Xfull - 7ft plus 

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