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Do you ride on your own a lot? Have you ever considered what would happen if you fell off and knocked yourself out? How would you call for help, to catch your horse and make sure you are OK.

EQUISAFETY is proud to introduce the intelligent crash sensor by Uvex. It is really easy to use. Just activate the Tocsen App, connect it with the Toscen sensor and your good to go. If the worst does happen and you fall off when you are on your own, the sensor and app ask acoustically whether everything is okay. If the you do not react, emergency contacts and all Tocsen users nearby are alerted asking them to help you.

Fantastic for horse riders, bike riders, extreme sports etc. The list is endless.

The sensor sticks onto your hat. It is very very sticky so once it is placed it wont move.
Colours to choose from are Pink or Black


  • How many emergency contacts can I have?
    As far as we know there is no limitation.
  • Is there a monthly cost for the App? No. Tocsen is a system consisting of a fall sensor and an app. To use Tocsen, you buy your Tocsen sensor for a one-time fixed price. The Tocsen app is free and ad-free. You can easily download it from the Appstore or Playstore.
  • Does the App work on all phones? The app is available for iOS, Android and Huawei. Android hardware from version 7.1.1. and iOS Hardware from version 9.0 (iPhone 4s)
  • Do I have to ride with my phone, for it to work? Yes, you need to ride with your phone for it to work.
  • What if I do not have signal? For areas without mobile internet, the ‘back home timer’ (app settings) works without any mobile internet connection and shares your last known position 
  • How long does the battery last?
    Rechargeable with 3 months battery life in normal use thanks to advanced Bluetooth Low Energy technology.
  • How heavy is it? 35 grams
  • Can I ride in the rain with it? Yes, the sensor is weatherproof. 
Colours to choose from are Pink or Black

Protecting people is what we do best. EQUISAFETY


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Felt much more reassured when riding on my own

This does give you more confidence when you ride on your own in the arena. I have a young horse and dont ride till after work, when most people have gone.
If I did have a bad fall, it would be very assuring that after 30 seconds, someone knew I had had a fall.

george Nelly
Yves crash sensor

Well not able to try out yet as no adhesive pad to attach to helmet. Which I have emailed about!

ruth woods

easy to use ,feel alot safer riding on my own.

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