Why buying a cheap “waterproof/breathable” hi vis jackets is a bad idea and a waste of your money.

Cheap hi vis jackets may say they are “waterproof and breathable” but they are cheap for a reason.  if you’ve picked up a cheap hi vis jacket in your local tack shop, you’ll likely end up sweating quite a bit, which in turn means the sweat on the inside of the fabric could condense, making it appear that the cheap waterproof/breathable fabric has leaked.

It might not have leaked, but your jacket will be wet on the inside. Meaning you will have a thin coating of water surrounding your core, making you feel colder and damp. Yuk! Water is a fantastic conductor of heat, that’s why you wear cotton in the summer as it hangs on to water, making you feel cooler.

What causes condensation in buildings?
Inside your jacket will be condensation, making your jacket damp, cold and smelly.

A £70 jacket is not going to be the same fabric quality as the Equisafety Inverno Jacket worth £120. Cheap jackets, use cheap fabric.

Have you ever heard the saying “Buy Cheap, Buy Twice”?

Equisafety waterproof jackets are design to “breath” and manage your sweat as well as moisture from the outside. The insulation properties also help carry the sweat to the surface, making you feel warm and comfortable, but that’s a different blog.

Equisafety Inverno Jacket

Equisafety waterproof fabric has a membrane that is stretched out to create tiny pores that help move moisture from inside the jacket to the outside, while preventing water from the outside coming in. This means that the Equisafety Inverno jacket offers great breathability, whilst giving the rider superior waterproof performance and insulation.

Investing in a good quality Equisafety Inverno jacket means you are guaranteed quality that will last you years. A quality unique design, tons of features and a quality fit. All for an extra £50. Investing in any Equisafety jacket is really worth it and a great investment for your hard earned money.


Charlotte Dujardin wearing a red Equisafety Inverno Jacket
Inverno Jacket with hood, that can be rolled into the collar or taken off.