Fabric and Technology

Equisafety strives to constantly improve the fabric and technology of its products to improve the experience and satisfaction for customers.

Waterproof and Breathable

All Equisafety products are designed with horse riders in mind with the perfect balance of protection from rain on the outside but also allowing water vapour (perspiration) to escape from the inside. Each range is assessed and made to protect you from the weather the product will be used in.

Waterproof, breathable fabrics have an outer layer made from polyester and a laminated membrane. This is treated with a hydrophobic coating so that it will not soak up water. The coating repels water and does not allow the water in as the holes are too small to let liquid in, however they are large enough to allow water vapour out.

Taped Waterproof Seams

For our waterproof jackets to be 100% waterproof the holes from stitching need to be covered to prevent water from leaking through the seams. Tape is melted over the seams to seal them.

Reflective Tape

Retro-reflective tape; which is used on all Equisafety products, reflects light back to the source from whatever direction hits it. The tape is made up of glass spheres that act as a prism or mirror to bounce the light back.

This is used to enhance the visibility of the product in poor light for safety and visibility.

Hi viz fabric - EN1150

BS EN1150 is one of the standards that all hi visibility meets so that the wearer is visible in all weather and lighting conditions. For our products to meet this they must have the correct combination of fluorescent material for daytime to reflective material for low light/ night-time.

Mercury Fabric

The advanced reflective technology used for the mercury range is made from billions of reflective glass balls. When light hits the grey material it bounces the light back and gives the illusion of a bright white. Car lights to even sunshine can make the material bright making the wearer very visible.

Led Products

LED (light-emitting diodes) produce visible light when an electrical current is passed through them. These have become popular in high visibility products when used in conjunction with reflective tape and fluorescent material to make the wearer as bright as possible.

Equisafety LED products are powered by either a small watch battery or are rechargeable. Equisafety’s LED products are all rechargeable. This is one of the ways Equisafety is trying to make our products better for the environment.