Get on your horse, take part in MyHackathon and help raise money for Brooke. The challenge set is to ride 100 miles in 100 days and raise £100. You can either take part alone and ride 100 miles or share the distance with friends eg 10 riders get together and ride 10 miles. We are encouraging people to get on a horse, commit to challenging themselves and raise lots of money.

By getting in the saddle, you and your horse could help reduce the immediate suffering of the world’s most vulnerable working horses and donkeys.

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The stunning Diamond Reflective Brushing Boots by EQUISAFETY


Please Pass Wide & Slowly - Now only £19.99
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Why is Biomotion so important?

Biomotion works by where you put your high viz. Retro reflective markers positioned on the moveable joints as well as the torso can provide highly significant improvements in visibility. This is due to it creating a sensation of "biological motion". Drivers can quickly recognize what is in front of them and act accordingly. 

Make you and your horse as BIG as possible is the best way to be seen. 

Horses legs are the best way to grab drivers attention as they are always moving, leg/arm bands on your ankles are also a good idea to show the driver how wide you both are. Helping the driver give you a safe distance when passing.

A minimum of a tabard and or rug should be warn and a hat band would be good as it tells the driver how high you are, giving them a full size they need to pass safely. 


A world leader in technical performance equestrian high viz sportswear.

The unrivaled in-house designs are created by a qualified MA technical sportswear designer, and our relentless commitment is to give you, and your horse, the very best in unrivalled design by placing emphasis on function and performance for when you need it the most.

Only the highest quality technical fabric is used in our iconic designs and the construction of our apparel is unrivaled.

We are proud to sponsor Charlotte Dujardin CBE, 3 times gold medal Olympic Champion and Terry Madden, FEI rider and trainer for Royal endurance horses of HRH Prince Charles and HRH Sheikh Maryam.

Equisafety designs and manufactures for a number of UK Police Mounted Police units including the Metropolitan; Greater Manchester; Avon and Somerset;  Northumbria and Powys

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Voted by your horse magazine readers - equisafety has the BEST EXERCISE RUGs ON THE MARKET

Worn by the MET Police and many other Police forces.

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