Outlyne II Teen Body Protector - Black

Size: T1 Regular
Color: Black
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Outlyne II Teen Body Protector - Black

Outlyne II
Re-designed to offer unrivalled movement and comfort whilst maintaining
the highest level of protection available, The 2022 Outlyne II combines
ultra lightweight, energy absorbing foam with a discreet all black outer
cover, for unmatched comfort, protection and style.
Adjustable sizing at the Shoulders, chest and waist offers not only an
unrivalled fit, but great value and longevity.
Certified to BETA 2018 standard - Level 3 and EN 13158:2018.

Key features
? Gender-specific size range
? Removable and washable outer cover
? Adjustable sizing on shoulders, chest and waist
? UltraFlex™ technology foam
? Lightweight but high impact absorption
? Close fit that moulds to your body
? Great rider movement and flexibility

Gender-specific sizing
By providing gender specific sizing in our size range with extensive shape
adjustment, our design team has created the ultimate fit for all riders.
The Women's Outlyne moulds to the curves of a woman’s body and is
structured across the chest to maximise comfort.
The Teen’s Outlyne pulls in at the waist and is darted at the front to provide
a close fit for the young rider.
The Kid’s Outlyne offers adjustable chest, waist and shoulder fastenings for
the growing rider.


Children: Y2 - Y5
Teen: T1 - T2
Ladies: L3 Slim - L5
Back length - Short ; Regular (Long by special order)

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