Equisafety is an international specialist company with passion and creative excellence in sophisticated performance reflective sportswear.

We are proud to lead the way in the most advanced technology giving you peak performance when you need it the most. Throughout the years our ground breaking designs have changed the way we look at high viz clothing.

The Iconic POLITE range has been the fastest selling high viz range in the UK and has now become a global best seller.

Equisafety is the most prominent reflective sportswear company in the world. Using highly specialist qualified sportswear designers with a life time experience in chosen sports, we can offer you the ultimate in reflective high viz clothing.

Our chosen markets are Equine, Cycling, Motorbike and Canine. We can be seen at all the major sporting events, where we get to know and understand the market even better.

We also offer an exclusive design and manufacturing service. Many of our private customers consist of an international supermarket, cycling wholesalers, equine wholesalers, police forces and security companies. We are always looking for new and exciting companies to work with and if you think we can help you, please contact Tel – 0151 678 7182

Sometimes it’s like a force fields around me when I’m on my bike, as cars don’t seem to want to get too close to me. It definately gets me noticed.
Stephen Goth


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Voted by your horse magazine readers - equisafety has the BEST EXERCISE RUGs ON THE MARKET

Worn by the MET Police and many other Police forces.

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