Equisafety Product Care

Equisafety strives to constantly improve the fabric and technology of its products to improve the experience and satisfaction for customers. Looking after your garment is important to give you and your horse maximum visibility and longevity of your products. 

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS - Equisafety® waterproof garments or rugs.

What's the best way to wash my Equisafety® waterproof garment?

Be sure to read the manufacturer’s care tag first. Wash your Equisafety® waterproof garment in the washing machine in warm (105°F/40°C) water. For the best results, use a small amount of liquid detergent. Please do not use powder detergents, fabric softener or chlorine bleach.

How often should I wash my Equisafety® waterproof garment?

Wash your garment as often as you need to remove such impurities as dirt, mud, stable stains. Washing and drying your garment helps restore the durable water repellency (DWR) that is important to the performance of a Equisafety® waterproof garment. It is important to keep all your high vis products clean, to give you maximum visibility. 

What cycle do I use to wash my Equisafety® waterproof garment?

You can use a gentle cycle that does not rigorously spin the garment. Reducing the spinning will minimize creasing or damage that can be caused by pulling and twisting the garment.

Can I use either powder or liquid detergent?

For best results, we recommend using liquid rather than powder detergents.

Should I wash my waterproof garment separately?

You do not need to wash your Equisafety® waterproof garment by itself. You can wash it with similar garments that are not heavily soiled. We suggest a second rinse cycle to ensure that all of the detergent and soil are completely rinsed out of the garment.

Can I use stain removers on my Equisafety® waterproof garment?

We do not recommend stain removers. Instead, we recommend using liquid detergent in the pre-wash cycle of your washing machine to remove stains and heavy soil. If your machine does not have a pre-wash cycle, simply soak the garment in warm water with liquid detergent.

Can I use bleach?

Please do not use bleach with any Equisafety® waterproof garment. It could affect the colour and performance of the garment.

Can I professionally clean my Equisafety® waterproof product(s)?

Dry-cleaning does not harm waterproof fabric. However, always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions for your particular garment to make sure they recommend dry cleaning. If you decide to professionally dry-clean your garment, request clear, distilled hydrocarbon solvent rinse and spray-on or wash-in DWR repellent.



All The Equisafety®  items have cleaning instructions on a tag inside the garment. In most items you will find the tag stitched in the seam at the collar.
If the care instructions allow it, you can machine wash your synthetic fill jacket. To restore the loft of your item, it is recommendable to tumble dry the item adding a few tennis balls to the dryer.