Free Jump Airbag Vest - Rider safety - Black
Free Jump Airbag Vest - Rider safety - Black

Freejump Airbag Air Vest

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Freejump Airbag Air Vest

Freejump Airbag Air Vest

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Freejump Airbag Air Vest 

Airbag protection in under 0.1 secs, Airbag comes with canister.

The Freejump Airbag Air Vest is a great choice when it comes to safety in showjumping airbags and air vests. Stylish and comfortable the Freejump Airbag is designed for comfort and safety.
When the Airbag inflates it provides remarkable protection to the neck, chest, back, hips, waist, vertebrae and cervical spine. The advanced level of waist and vertebrae protection are unique to Freejump, a key difference between the Airbag and other vests on the market. The ground-breaking level of protection that the Airbag provides means that is it is the first ever air jacket to exceed S72-800-2022 safety standards.

The Freejump Airbag air vest is the result of years of planning and innovation and of course Freejump’s concern for the performance, comfort and safety of riders.

As you will be aware, horse riding can be a dangerous sport, whether it is recreational riding for a hobby or competing at a level which puts the rider at risk. With this in mind it is always worth considering the options available to improve your safety.

The Freejump Airbag is a protective air vest made purposefully for horse riding and should be worn close to the body. It can be worn over a thin layer of clothing a T-shirt, show shirt or sweater or thin jumper.

Please Note, for ultimate protection in the event of a fall we would always advise using with a back protector underneath, but these days you will see more and more riders, that choose to ride with out this protection underneath and use the Freejump Airvest on its own. Please note that how you choose to ride with your airvest, whether you combine with a back protector underneath or not, is your choice and you do so at your own risk.

When choosing your air vest please bare in mind that the minimum weights for both adult and children’s air vests, must have a minimum weight of, Adult 35kg and Children 25kg.

Different to the Point Two Air Jacket which is used predominantly in eventing and cross country, a back protector is required underneath at all times during competition.

Please note that both the Point Two Air Jacket and the Freejump Airvest will only inflate when the rider parts company with the horse and saddle, far enough to pull the lanyard and bearing from its seated position.

Whats in the box of the Freejump Airbag?

When purchasing a Freejump Airvest you will receive the following;

  • 1 x Freejump Airbag ready to go.
  • 1 x Air canister already fitted
  • 1 x saddle attachment

Each Airbag is tested individually before being placed inside your air vest.

Cervical, Back, Lumbar, Sacrum, Pelvis, Thorax

Cervical protection is optimized when wearing a certified riding helmet.
Optimal neck protection: a neck brace stabilizes the spine and vital areas. The neck protection is adapted to each size.
Continuous hips protection for a perfect trunk alignment.
Chest protection that is adapted to each size (24% of the chest circumference, and 100% of the waist-shoulder length)
Back protection also adapted to each size (20% of the chest circumference, and 120% of the waist-shoulder length)
Waist protection: better protection of the spine and vital organs thanks to 2 bust heights per size on sizes XS-S-M-L (regular fit/ slim fit).

How quick does the Freejump Airbag inflate?

The air vest has an amazing inflation speed of 98ms*. That is under 0.1 seconds, to make it easier to understand.

The airbag inside your vest reaches the necessary pressure to obtain optimal protection in 98 ms*.  At this point is has also reached the pressure to outperforms the impact tests of the AFNOR NF S782-800-2022 standard.

Freejump Airvest Canisters:
There are 2 sizes of cartridges:

Sizes 60CC (For sizes XXS to L)
Sizes 85CC (For sizes LT-XL-XXL)

To see how to change your Freejump Airbag Canister here.

How to Clean, Care & Store Your Freejump Airvest?

Do Not machine wash or dry clean or immerse your airvest in water. We advise you to wash your airvest outer by hand with a sponge or cloth with a mild detergent. Do not rub and this could lead to scuffing the outer fabric.
Do not tumble dry.
Do not iron. Exposing your Freejump Airvest to high heat could result in damaging the airbag inside.
Do not expose your airbag vest to high temperatures. Do not place on a radiator, near a flame and do not keep in a closed vehicle in full sunlight.
Do not leave your airbag airvest folded or rolled up for a long amounts of time.
Store your vest on a hanger in a dry and moisture-free place.

The European standard of product warranty is 2 years.

2 more years when the product is registered on the Freejump system website and 1 free revision in the first 2 years since the date of purchase.

Up to 2 weeks delivery. If you require the air bag sooner, please call the office on 0151 678 7182

    Shipping cost is based on weight. Just add products to your cart and use the Shipping Calculator to see the shipping price.

    We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Items can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of delivery.

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