Corporate sustainability is not just a business choice, it’s a new way of thinking. It’s about focusing on actions, behaviours and choices looking to the future.

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KEP Italia ethical choice involves the entire company organization: a cultural change that starts from every single person, through small daily actions, up to the internal processes of the whole company

This philosophy comes in action through actions of social sustainability towards employees, suppliers and customers, and actions of environmental sustainability aimed at the efficiency of processes and a low impact on the environment. These choices allowed the Company to gain advantages in terms of competitiveness, reputation and capacity for innovation.


In order to improve its environmental performance, KEP Italia has adopted solutions for energy efficiency, reduction of waste and use of renewable energy sources thanks to solar panels. The responsibility goes beyond the company perimeter: KEP Italia has fully electric cars, a further step towards reducing CO2 emissions.


The use of 100% recycled raw materials for the inner pad of the new helmets contributes to the savings and reuse cycle. The GREENSOUL technology guarantees uncompromising performance materials, with respect for nature. Even the bags meet this philosophy: they are produced with Newlife™ technology which transforms top quality recycled material without the use of chemicals, with a production process 100% Made in Italy and traceable.



KEP Italia constantly aims at actions with a positive impact on the environment, for this reason it chose to introduce the usual use of FSC certified recycled paper not only for products’ packaging, but also for advertising materials and for daily activities.


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