Why are uvex riding hats so extraordinary?

uvex riding hats are made with high quality materials that also meet the highest safety standard, giving you maximum protection. Approved to BSI Kitemark and VG1 safety standards, uvex riding hats are suitable for riding in British Showjumping. British Dressage. British Eventing. Pony Club and also Riding Club activities.

Technical Information

What is the uvex IAS system?

uvex helmets with uvex IAS system can be adjusted in width. After all, everyone has their own head shape.

Heads don’t only differ in circumference; they also differ in height.

The uvex IAS 3D system offers the extra feature of precise adjustment to individual head height.

Fully adjustable hat, to fit all size of heads.

The uvex unique adjustment system allows you to change the fitting on all sides of the riding hat. As every head is individual, it is also necessary to be able to adjust a hat and therefore get the best fit for the best protection. Please watch this video on “How to fit your uvex hat”

With its push and turn technology, width and height adjustment is simple and easy. uvex Riding Hats allow the rider to get millimetre precision, ensuring the riding hat stays correctly fitted on your head at all times. With it’s special polycarbonate break proof material, the uvex hats are lightweight, making them extremely comfortable to wear. Perfect for grooms that have to wear hats all day.

An added bonus, the clever designers at uvex, have also included space for people with pony tails. Meaning the hat will not be pushed forward, reducing visibility

Vent System

uvex places the highest value on optimal ventilation: cleverly designed ventilation channels draw in fresh air and expel warm air.

Uncomfortable heat build-up is thus avoided. uvex offer removable linings, keep the inside of your hat fresh. uvex liners are moisture wicking, anti-allergenic and easy to remove for washing.4

What is EPS

EPS or Expanded polystyrene is one of the key ingredients that is used to make the inner shell of the uvex riding helmets. EPS is put inside the outer impact resistant hard shell. EPS is lightweight, effective across a wide range of temperatures and conditions and highly effective at reducing the amount of energy transferred to your head during an impact. EPS accomplishes that energy reduction by collapsing during the impact, converting some of the energy into heat and slowing the transmission of energy

EPS is also safer for the environment compared to other thermoplastics. EPS is created by placing small (.5 to 1.5-millimeter) polystyrene beads into a mold and applying steam and a blowing agent called pentane. The polystyrene beads then expand up to 40 times their original size, fusing together into a solid mass that assumes the shape of the mold.

uvex mission and responsibility

Our aspiration: “Made in uvex”

The sustainability goals of the uvex group include the following areas of responsibility: ecology, economy, working conditions and human rights, employees and society as well as product. A particular focus here is on the expansion and modernization of our production facilities. When our customers choose uvex, we want to be sure that our products meet our high quality standards. We ensure this with our principle “Made in uvex”: From the product idea and development to production and sales, the entire value chain is in our hands. Carried out and supported by our own production facilities, many of them in Germany and Europe.

Now and in the future: uvex for CO₂ neutral growth

We have set ambitious goals, particularly in the area of CO₂ reductions, and we are aiming for CO₂-neutral growth in the near future. In the past three years, the uvex group has already demonstrated that this goal is not just a vision: thanks to our sustainability efforts, the company’s CO₂ emissions were significantly reduced. In some plants, up to 63 % CO₂ has been saved since 2016. A development with which we want to set an example in the industry. For our future – protecting people.

We have been producing and selling high-quality products for the protection of people in sport, leisure and work for over 90 years. And if you want to protect people, you have to take responsibility. It is precisely from this mission that our obligation derives to act in a sustainable, social and socially- responsible manner.

 Michael Winter | Managing Partner of the uvex group