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To make life better, you have to challenge what is not good enough

Many of us believe that studs are a ‘necessary evil’. NECESSARY because they can improve performance and safety, by giving horses better grip, security and confidence on some terrain. One hopes this allows us to go faster, jump higher, turn tighter and in theory, perform better. Studs can also be EVIL, for a number of reasons. 

  • Firstly, the application process is a largely unpleasant and laborious process, which can also be dangerous when you are holding the leg of a sizeable and often unpredictable animal. Applying studs is hardly the best mental or physical preparation for either horse or rider, just before they are about to compete. 

  • Secondly, do you ever wonder whilst you are spending a considerable time applying studs and doing your best to avoid cross-threading, why in fact you have attached a large chunk of sharp metal to your highly regarded and perhaps spirited horse or pony?

Reinventing Horsepower

Made using the latest technology and advanced materials, the next-generation studs prioritise safety for horse and rider, efficiency in application and removal, as well as welfare and performance.

Taking inspiration from the human sports world, our products reduce the chance of lacerations and injuries, therefore improving horse welfare but also rider and handler safety.

These patented polymer studs are entirely metal free and therefore there is no risk of cross-threading or rusting. Our smart material is less jarring material than metal too, which should mean less damage to legs on impact, and all part of the StudFast objective to improve welfare without jeopardising performance.

Plus you can travel with these on the shoes!

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