How to fit your Racesafe body protector.

Racesafe body protectors are designed to offer unrivalled fit, comfort and performance. Through extensive adult and child size ranges.

Equisafety is proud to be able to offer this to every rider, regardless of age and size. The YouTube video below is a good idea to watch before you measure yourself. As you can see what to look out for.

Below are size guides for each of our core body protector ranges. These include size charts, measuring instructions and a size recommender.

1. Chest: measuring around the fullest part of your chest/bust, will give the base size that will fit best around you.
2. Over the shoulder: measuring your torso length, from waist to waist, will recommend a front length option, which we call the standard or tall fits.
3. Back: measuring down to where the body protector will finish on your back, will suggest one of the 4 back length options for each size.

ProVent 3.0 and RS2010 measurements.

ProRace Series measurements.

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