What makes KEP extraordinary?


After working with several partners in the sector, we at KEP Italia, felt the ‘need’ to go a step further in terms of safety and aesthetics. We wanted to find something more innovative in order to offer the best to equestrians and riders of any level and discipline. Safety, comfort, design, technical performance and elegance have always been our goals. L. Polini e B and Collet-Serret

KEP Italia is a leading company in the production of riding helmets and was established back in 2007, building on the passion of its founders, Lelia Polini and Bianca Collet-Serret.
Their aim was to research and produce more comfortable, safer and more innovative helmets than the ones currently available on the market, a goal that led them to explore and combine the best solutions in terms of design, technology, materials and safety.

Since launching its first model, KEP Italia has continued its pursuit of excellence, making every single helmet traceable and subjecting its products to rigorous checks by international safety certification bodies for the equestrian sector.

Passion and dedication are more than just a slogan, they truly represent the company’s core values.

“We can never be sure that we’ll reach the absolute best, but we’ll certainly never stop striving for it”.

Safety is our top priority. Protecting riders and equestrians by providing them with the best in terms of technology, protection, quality, and innovation, is our responsibility on a daily basis


Before launching the production of any model, we always verify the prototype through various tests that measure the resistance and performance of every single component. The aim of our helmets is to provide top levels of performance and efficiency, reflecting no-compromise quality and craftsmanship.


The materials and details of our helmets and accessories are all exclusively made in Italy. We want to represent the best in Italian excellence, which is why we keep a close eye on the latest fashion trends, offering original and avant-garde models.


We pay a great deal of attention to the world and the people around us. Small daily gestures to help the most vulnerable, support for initiatives promoted by young people and involvement in artistic projects. KEP Italia’s social commitment involves ongoing activities, all carried out with a pragmatic approach and a constructive spirit.


From naturally treated materials that do not harm human health, to sustainable waste management, from recycling to choosing environmentally sustainable products, we are fully aware that the biggest changes begin with the choices we make on a day-to-day basis. We are committed to being a sustainability leader

Behind each helmet and every KEP Italia product, there are skilled hands that work the materials, paying attention to every last detail, there are passionate and well-trained professionals who handle all the in-house processes and there are people who are well aware that the only way to make a difference is to be motivated by excellence.

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