How the EQUILIBRUM Net Relief Muzzle was created.

Equilibrium was started by a lovely lady called Margaret Donnelly. Margaret had a horse call Timmy and, shortly after he turned 5 years old, he started frantically tossing his head during ridden work. As you can imagine Margaret was extremely worried, but there was nothing on the market to help him, so she designed a Net Relief Muzzle.

                                                 Margaret Donnelly, with Timmy.

Word got out and Horse & Hound featured it and the rest, as they say, is history.

Timmy is the reason Equilibrium is here today, and thousands of horses and their owners around the world are very grateful for that.

Pictured below are the black or white nose net, that you cut at the top to fit your horses nose perfectly. Don’t worry about doing this,as there is a really handy instruction on how to do it correctly. Equilibrium have thought of everything. But that is no surprise. They are a fantastic company, with the horses health at the heart of everything they do.

How to fit your net relief muzzle

Equilibrium has a passion for giving horses the best care, with many years of equestrian experience. All their products are thoroughly researched, tested and come with a minimum 1 year guarantee.