Why Helite is one of the leading expert in Equestrian Air Bags

HELITE was founded in 2002 by Gérard Thevenot, a French engineer who specialises in fluid mechanics and is passionate about light aeronautics (ULM, hang gliders, paramotors). The high accident rate in these sports led him to look for solutions for pilot protection, and so a first patent was filed for individual protection airbags.

Why Should You Use Helite?

Helite was founded over 20 years ago. Initially created for the hand gliding and para-motor sporting industry due to their high accident rates. Very quickly, the members at Helite discovered that the airbag safety systems being implemented were also a perfect safety device for bikers, horse riders and cyclists alike.

Since then Helite has been dedicated to implementing the latest and best technologies into motorcycle jackets and horse riding jackets and vests. Keeping you safe at every possible opportunity.

As airbag technology is applicable to all high-risk activities, HELITE has become an expert in this field, dedicating itself exclusively to the development of individual protection systems. Our Helite airbags are already used in a wide variety of fields such as motorcycling, horse riding, cycling, health, aeronautics, industrial work; and are also highly appreciated in top-level sports.


Helites’ mission is to make the world safer. By developing new intelligent solutions to protect people in their sports and daily activities. Our special recipe: Innovation, technology, simplicity, all made in France with our touch of authenticity.

Helites Achievements

  • Helite UK has an active role in improving safety standards throughout the country.
  • The Helite GP Air Track Vest was be featured on ITV in March 2016.
  • Helite UK is delighted to announce that we supply several of our UK forces with Helite air vests and jackets:
    • Dyfed-Powys Police – A full force issue.
    • Thames Valley Police
    • South Yorkshire Police
    • Humberside Police
    • Northumbria Police
    • Kent Constabulary
    • Derbyshire Constabulary
    • Cheshire Fire & Rescue
    • Surrey Police
    • Sussex Police
    • City of London Police
    • Gwent Police
    • Lincolnshire Police
    • South Wales Police
    • Greater Manchester Police (GMP)
    • London Ambulance
    • Many Blood Biker Groups
    • Road Safety partner with IAM
    • And an ever-increasing number of off-duty officers & covert operations teams.