Equilibrium Tri-Zone Impact Sports Boots Front White

Size: L
Color: White
Sale price$80.00


Equilibrium Tri-Zone Impact Sports Boots Front White

Tri-Zone Impact Sports Boots from Equilibrium Products
The Ultimate All Round Boot
Why compromise on leg protection when you can have a boot that has it all?
Tri-Zone Impact Sports boots are the ultimate in leg protection, offering high impact protection
without compromising on fit, breathability, flexibility or weight.
Working with professional riders, vets and scientists, Tri-Zone Impact Sports boots have been
developed to offer superior levels of protection in an all round boot for all activities from schooling and hacking to high impact sports such as cross country, polo and racing.
Using advanced material technology, Tri-Zone Impact Sport boots have been scientifically tested
in an independent laboratory for impact protection against concussion and penetration.
Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large – Front
Extra Small , Small, medium, large – Hind
Colours: Black, White, Azure Blue

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