10 reasons why the Equisafety Wrap Around Rug is the BEST

1. We use the same technical high visibility fabric as we do for riding jacket, so that means the rugs are 100% waterproof, breathable and windproof. *Did you know that only Equisafety manufactures high vis breathable rugs.

2. We have designed the rug so that it is lightweight and does not over heat the horse. It is lined with a technical wicking fabric. The capillary action draws the perspiration from the horses skin and the heat of the horse, pushes it out of the breathable, waterproof fabric.

3. The rug is 360° reflective and fluorescent, perfect for front, side and back protection.

4. When I designed the rug, I was aware that at the time (15 years ago) all exercise rugs where just long rectangles of fabric that we put on top of the horses back and then put the saddle on top of that. Which is terrible for the horses movement, the fabric would twist and pinch the horse and more often than not end up being push backwards and hang out the back due to the forward movement of the horse. I was asked to design a rug for the House Hold Cavalry and so designed the rug to “wraparound” the top part of the saddle and sit on the rim so it did not touch the horse or cause “hot spots” for rubbing. It then fastens over the pommel with extra wide Velcro to give you an excellent fit

5. Im 5ft 11ft but not everyone has long legs, so I was worried that people may get their heels caught in the rug fabric, so cut it away making it safer, especially if you ride with spurs. Plus you have a better contact with the horse.

6. The rug comes with a  fully adjustable, detachable chest protector which is clipped onto the rug and in the summer can be clipped onto the saddles D-Rings.

7. The rug is perfect for long reining or lead reining. Pop the surcingle through the unique girth vents and bingo one brilliant high vis sheet. * Did you know Nicky designed this unique feature for the Liverpool Mounted Police over 15 years ago, to stop people pulling the rug off at football matches. We may not be at football matches with our horses, but hacking can sometimes mean brushing up against bushes, branches and brambles. The girth vent gives you confidence know (if fitted correctly) that rug is going know where, however much you gallop or jump. It is not budging!

8. Our horse rugs are cut very generous in depth to fit the largest of horse’s bottoms. There is nothing worse than seeing an exercise rug that come half way up the horse and make it look like it is wearing a mini shirt. The rug is there to protect from elements and for visibility. That is why are the best for the most coverage.

9. The rug comes with a belly strap and a filler string. However if you wish to use the 2 straps as cross over straps, then that is easy to do. However you have it, the rug will not blow up even in the strongest winds.

10. The rug has a large tail cover. *Did you know that 33% of accidents happen from behind. So we sell LED flashing lights that can be fixed to the front and back of the rug. Perfect for riders who have to ride out in the dark.

Link to LED RED Flashing light - https://equisafety.com/products/magnetic-led-red-light?_pos=1&_sid=6ea32d13e&_ss=r

11. I know I said Top 10, but this is more a handy thing, rather than a technical feature... Did you know the rug also has a large waterproof pocket, for your sandwiches, carrots, hoof pick / 1st Aid, anything you want really. We just don't recommend you put your mobile in there, just in case you and your horse part company. 

I have tried to think of as many features as possible, to give you and your horse maximum performance. I hope you enjoy riding with your rug.


Wash your rug at least every 6mths with NixWax waterproof solution. To give it some TLC. Keeping the rug clean is vital for the fabric performance and visibility. The rug is machine washable at 30° with a non-biological washing powder. Please do not use conditioner as that loves to eat the waterproof membrane.


Equisafety Wrap Around Rug Size guide:

  • XXS PONY Stable rug 5.6ft, height up to 12.2h From back of saddle to top of tail is 52cm
  • SHOW PONY Stable rug 5.9ft, height up to 13hh
  • PONY- Stable rug between 5.9ft to 6ft, height up to 13.2hh
  • COB- Stable rug between 6ft - 6'3 , height up to 15.2
  • HORSE/FULL- Stable rug between 6'3 - 6'6, height up to 16.2
  • XFULL- Stable rug between 6'9 - 7ft+, height up to 18hh


Lyn Shew

Lyn Shew

Thank you for the detailed description and sizing. Now I have to choose a colour


Lyn Shew

Lyn Shew

Thank you for the detailed description and sizing. Now I have to choose a colour


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