It's a Dog's Christmas Too!

There are a myriad of products on the market this time of year, all aimed at giving your dogs a present on Christmas Day. These include Treats, Toys and new Beds etc.

However, here at Equisafety we have some unique products, which if popped under the tree will keep your faithful four-legged friend, or friends, safe and seen.

So, what’s on offer:

Reflective MercuryDog Rug ~ manufactured using waterproof, hard wearing, fluorescent fabric twinned with the incredibly illuminating Mercury fabric, the rug is excellent for dogs who enjoy hiding in the undergrowth or (attempt) to blend in with their surroundings. The Mercury material, also waterproof, is made using thousands of reflective glass balls, which when caught in a beam of light from a torch etc. bounce the light back at the source becoming a bright white. The rug is also lined with a warm, cosy, quilted lining. Designed to keep the dogs’ chest dry and mud free, it is adjustable around the neck using comfortable elastic and with a body band that is adjustable around the tummy. Oh yes, and don’t forget that small pocket for 'poo' bags or treats! Sizes: XS-10”; S-14”; Med-18”; Large-22” and XLarge-26”. Measure from the back of your dog’s collar to the base of the tail. Colours: Red/Orange; Pink; Yellow. RRP: £25.99


L.E.D Flashing Ball ~ This extra-large LED, water resistant, light that can be seen up to half a mile away so make it ideal for keeping an eye on your dog(s) when out on dark mornings, or evening and with its multi-flashing modes makes it extremely visible to drivers. Can be easily clipped on to the collars using the secure stainless steel clip. Comes complete with replaceable battery. Easy to use On/Off push button. One size. Colours: White or Blue. RRP: £4.99

L.E.D Flashing, 360° Reflective Harness ~ manufactured using very soft webbing, ensuring maximum comfort for your dog. The underside is a soft breathable, neoprene material which adds to the overall comfort for the dog, along with the ergonomic shape. The secure locks are quick and easy to fit, allowing full adjustability. The L.E.D flashing strip around the back of the neck is fantastic for spotting your dog when he/she is running around the fields at night or for making them more visible to motorist when you need to walk alongside a road. Complete with battery which is easily replaced.  Sizes: S – Chihuahua (Neck size 40cm - Body size, largest setting 47cm - smallest setting 34cm); M – Terrier (Neck size 48cm - Body size, largest setting 58cm - smallest setting 42cm); L - Labrador/Border Collie/Spaniel (Neck size 50cm - Body size, largest setting 62cm - smallest setting 47cm) & XL – Alsatian (Neck size 58cm - Body size, largest setting 87cm - smallest setting 59cm ). Colours: Yellow & Pink. RRP: £11.99.

Reflective Dog Rug ~ manufactured using waterproof, hard wearing fabric making it excellent for dogs who enjoy running through the undergrowth. Lined with a warm cosy quilt lining. We have designed the rug so it keeps the chest dry and mud free. 1” reflective EN471 tape at the sides and a small pocket for 'poo' bags or treats!  Size: Small - 14"; Medium - 18"; Large - 22"; X-large - 26". Measure from back of the collar to the tail. Colours: Pink, Yellow or Polite. RRP: £22.00












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