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How to fit your KEP Hat.

Its not the helmet that changes the shape, it’s the liners. So it’s important that you figure out with liner is the best for your head shape.

Check out this fantastic range on the EQUISAFETY website- KEP

To measure your head for a KEP hat, place a tape measure over your ears and take note of the measurement in centimetres to the middle of the forehead.

KEP has 2 shell liners, Medium and Large. The medium fits 51cm to 58cm in those 8 sizes there are 2 shapes round and oval.

So it means that the medium shell fits 16 different heads. The large shell fits 59cm to 62cm meaning the large shell fits 8 different heads. That’s impressive!

The round shells are a little larger than the oval, so maybe order a round shell, that is slightly smaller, than you normally would.

It has an ergonomically cut out around the ear for protection and comfort and the helmet is cut lower to protect your upper cervical vertebrae.

One exciting aspect about KEP kids helmets “KEPPY”. As your child grows, you just have to buy the next size up liner, not a next size up helmet. So this is also a financial advantage to owning one the the worlds most exclusive riding helmets.

Check out some of the beautiful colour range below of the KEPPY kids range.

A great video on how KEP hats are safety tested.