KEP – Art with Safety and Style

There is nothing more luxurious than KEP hats in the equestrian world. Italy is a style icon and one of the world’s leading fashion countries. With their timeless or outright lavish designs, Italian luxury brands such as KEP have charmed generations. If you want to stand out against the competition, you can rely on KEP to give you the advantage in style and quality. A couture brand that stands out from the rest.

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The Equiarte project was born from the collaboration between KEP Italia, Fiera Cavalli Verona and Arar-atelier, with the aim to create unique helmets like pieces of art, representing the illustrations created by “Giardino dei Tigli” Community, an organization dedicated to disability. 
KEP Italia choose to promote an ethical approach in the world of horse riding, because small daily actions can make the difference.

ARAR – Atelier ://


The equestrian world built a strong link with the artistic expression for the creation of Art & Cavallo, a contemporary art exhibition focused on the equestrian theme, raising the figure of the horse and the relationship between man and this beautiful creature. 
Founded in 2019, this art exhibition curated by architect Federica Crestani declares the horse as a real work of art. After first edition’ success, Art & Cavallo has been renewed for the 2020 edition with the participation of many international artists and the introduction of the KEP Italia Prize, which saw Bianca Collet-Serret and Lelia Polini as judges.


It is possible to make each helmet a unique and exclusive piece thanks to airbrushed creations done entirely by hand. The helmet is like a canvas on which artists represent customer’s creative ideas, like a real work of art.