Why does my leg hurt when I ride?

When you ride, does any part of your legs or hips hurt?  Are you suffering from Achilles tendons, arthritis in the knees, stiff hips etc? Have you heard about the fantastic Freejump stirrups.

The Freejump Stirrups are design to take impact off the joints. In fact, they told us, it takes up to 1/3 off the pressure from the joints, that’s huge!


The centre of gravity of the Soft’Up Classic is shifted to the front. This causes the floor to tilt to the rear, which helps the heels to sink. This action can be seen on all 4 stirrups (Soft’Up Pro +, Soft’Up Classic, Soft’Up Lite and Air’s).RETURN 

Achilles tendonitis can weaken the tendon, making it more vulnerable to a tear (rupture) — a painful injury that usually requires surgical repair and no one wants time off from the horse because of an injury.


Having Achilles tendonitis must be extremely painful for horse riders, as they won’t be able to put their heels down.

Have you ever considered using Freejump stirrups which have been designed to help with such issues? At Equisafety, we sell all the designs and colours.