Why are Freejump Soft’Up Pro safety stirrups so good?

The technology behind the 3 different types of Soft’Up safety stirrups


The SOFT’UP PRO+ , made in France, has a 1.6cm wider floor (27%) which, combined with the absorption capacity of spring steel, provides an exceptional foot strike.

SOFT’UP PRO+ is the stirrup that the world’s best riders have chosen for its single-branch design combining performance, comfort, technology and shock absorption.

Our many years of experience and R&D in single-branch stirrups have allowed us to identify the maximum stress that a stirrup can withstand – from impact and from fatigue.. Our Soft’Up Pro + single branch stirrups made from steel with very high mechanical strength (1200 MPA) have been developed to respond to these levels of stress. The overmoulding is in Elastollan®. The single-sided technology allows to divide by 3 the efforts received on each stirrup and to relieve the rider’s joints and the horse’s back.

Elastollan® outer temples are designed to facilitate foot release in the event of a fall and can open under foot pressure

Freejump stirrup floors offer a great grip. The integration of carbon fibre guarantees unparalleled durability. The removable steel cleats enhance the grip and can be replaced (new cleats with the Pro kit).


The shifted centre of gravity allows a natural inclination and favours the descent of the heels. This action is verified on all 4 stirrups (Soft’Up Pro +, Soft’Up Classic, Soft’Up Lite and Air’s).


The Eye is oriented for Soft’Up Pro + stirrups. This provides real comfort and makes it easier to put on with a 45° orientation The angle of the eye provides extra comfort and follows the natural swing of the leg. The oriented open eye is ideal for the Monobrin Pro Grip Freejump stirrup leathers.