Did you know a horse’s spook can be up to 53mph??

As a flight animal the first reaction your horse will have if something spooks him will be to run away from it - at speed!

The horse is very sensitive to motion, as motion is usually the first alert that a predator is approaching. The best thing you can do is turn his head away from the issue. But remember to loosen the rein nearest the issue so he can turn his head properly and use the opposite leg to try and get his attention and turn into the bend properly.

Remember not to look at the issue yourself!

It's scary for you, the rider when you think your horse is going to spook, and you, like most riders, will tend to tense up, which is perfectly natural. But by making sure the horse cannot see it this will help to convince him that there is nothing to be afraid of and that it’s safe to walk past.

Sometimes his head will go up if he is afraid. Did you know that if your horse's head is at the same height as his shoulders he cannot produce Adrenalin, which means his heart rate will reduce and he will calm down. So open up your reins and lower your hands.

The video we shared off YouTube is of a young girl doing a brilliant job of staying on after a sharp spook.


Note: Image used is for illustration purposes only.

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