Synthetic Insulation or Down - The Choice is Yours



  • These materials maintain good levels of warmth even when wet.
  • Garments using synthetic insulation dry out quicker than those using down.
  • They offer great value relative to down clothing.
  • Easier to maintain than down.
  • Synthetic insulation is perfect for damp, cold, British winters and will ensure an excellent temperature even when exercising.


Heat generated by the body is radiated into the atmosphere, through our breathable fabrics. This process is called “vasodilation” and works by causing blood to flow close to the skins surface, however in cold weather it can carry too much and will, therefore, make you feel cold.


EQUI’THERMAL~TECH, Equisafety’s synthetic insulation, works by creating creates copious amounts of tiny pockets close to the skin. These trap air which a poor conductor of heat, therefore the trapped air becomes an excellent insulator keeping you warm.


Were you aware that your body will lose heat 25 times quicker when you are wet? This is because air flowing past the skin pulls heat away from the body. Therefore our insulating garments have waterproof and/or a windproof outer which will prevent air from traveling through the garment.


DOWN or no DOWN?

Down insulation is much better suited for dry, cold, high alpine environments. This is because moisture is an enemy to down ~ wet down loses all its insulating properties.

Were you aware that most down is a by-product of the food industry? Birds killed for consumption will only live to around 4 months and their down is relatively low-quality. Higher quality down only comes from older breeding birds. Their their down is either collected when naturally shed, or sadly ripped out of their breast when they are still alive! It is then allowed to re-grow and the process to be repeated.

 If you wish to wear a product that contains down, please make sure it is R.D.S certified by Control Union and that a License number is shown.





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